Can Your IT Architecture Impact Your Cybersecurity ROI?

Your technology infrastructure is essential for providing your members the community-oriented service they expect from you. If not properly secured, your organization is exposed to many dangers including compliance liabilities and hackers that can result in threats to your members’ data and the loss of customer confidence.

At the same time, most credit unions security architecture evolved as a patchwork of add-on tools and approaches. Consequently, while protecting your members’ information and providing them value are top priorities for credit unions, it can be challenging to accomplish these goals when it comes to considering your budget. Your legacy architecture is significantly harming your IT Security practices and probably causing your credit union a negative security ROI.

In this webcast, you will find out the defined ROI of cybersecurity and how working with your service partners to identify a modern IT Security Architecture can help your CU not only be more secure but also a more efficient member-focused organization.