RANSOMWARE: How to Avoid the Crushing Effects & Regulatory Fines Associated with a Ransomware Attack in the Asset Management Industry

Many Asset Managers are completely unaware of the crippling effects of RANSOMWARE.  And the Asset Managers who are aware of this debilitating attack often feel helpless when faced with ways to protect themselves.  But they shouldn’t.  There are practical steps and simple solutions that you can take to prevent or contain the crippling aftermath of a cyberattack.

In this webcast, find out what you need to know about the growing ransomware epidemic and what regulators require you to do to be prepared for an attack.  Find out the common misconceptions of ransomware, why so many attacks go unreported, how ransomware works, and how to defeat it.  We will also review the types of ransomware risks, vulnerabilities and how to fight it.
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