WannaCry Ransomware:

You may have heard about the “WannaCry Ransomware”, but if you don’t know what it is or what it might do to your company - this webinar is for you. As hundreds of thousands of companies around the world recover from the crippling effects of WannaCry, you may be asking, “Is my company safe from the next wave of ransomware?" In this webinar, we’ll explain in nontechnical terms what the WannaCry software is, and explain where it came from, describe what it does to its victims, and provide very simple steps to protect yourself from the next round predicted to digitally impact networks globally. And we’ll also explain how most US companies were lucky to not be a victim - and not because they were protected. Finally, we will also describe how these same companies (maybe your company) are still at risk.

Until recently, many companies were completely unaware of ransomware and the crippling effects this newly evolved strain of cyber extortion. And anyone who is aware of this debilitating attack often feels helpless when faced with ways to protect themselves. But they shouldn’t. There are practical steps and simple solutions that you can take to prevent or contain the crippling aftermath of a cyberattack.
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