Building an Infrastructure for Efficiency and Security:
Adjusting for Vulnerabilities of the BYOD and Remote Workforce
Meet Your Host
Our industry expert brings experience and expertise to help you plan for a remote workforce and the growing threats that the legal
industry faces. Learn informative tips and secrets that will help you protect your firm, your employees, and your clients.
Paul Caiazzo
CEO and Co-Founder,
TruShield Security Solutions

Paul brings over 20 years of experience providing cybersecurity solutions to financial, government, legal, and many other industries. He has dedicated his career to advancing global cybersecurity and currently focuses on working with clients to develop corporate cybersecurity strategies.
As workplace productivity increases and the connection to your organization’s network becomes more accessible, this might seem like an easy win for your law firm to stay competitive. While these advances in technology are beneficial to getting the job done quickly from anywhere, it leaves your infrastructure susceptible to cyberattacks.

Join us for a webcast with CEO of TruShield Security Solutions, Paul Caiazzo, as he reviews the vulnerabilities of cloud-based systems, employee-furnished equipment, and employee-owned equipment, and how to go about securing the vulnerabilities in each utilizing a variety of tactics and technology tools for prevention, detection, containment and eradication.
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